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Congrats To The Build Newcastle Live Winners!


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  • The site is a high-profile but un-loved stretch of land along Newcastle’s Quayside, to the east of the city centre in an area synonymous with high quality architectural development. In the immediate vicinity lie various apartment complexes, industrial business units and the Ouseburn Cycle Hub.
  • These Quayside areas were once a hive of activity, from the bustle of busy docks and vibrant industry through to more recent regeneration initiatives providing arts, music, cultural and leisure venues. Historically Newcastle has been home to major engineering innovation and invention.
  • Build Newcastle Live challenge to participants is to transform this site into a new and imaginative flagship project that reawakens this pioneering spirit.
  • The 1.7 hectare (17000 m˛ - Ground cover area) site itself is linear in nature with approximately 360m of south west facing riverside frontage along the River Tyne. It is currently used as a surface car parking, and is ripe for redevelopment forming part of the Ouseburn Regeneration Area.
  • Create a new unified building facility where digital and technological innovations can be inspired and nurtured; a destination where new ideas can be turned into new businesses, products and jobs.
  • This new Digital Innovation and Showcase Centre (DISC) should provide a state-of-the-art development that includes:
    • Space for start-up businesses, entrepreneurs, and SMEs to call home.
    • Space for academic research, a new digital library.
    • Laboratories to test drive innovation.
    • Retail space to sell innovation.
    • Educational facilities, teaching and training.
    • Business mentoring and support.
    • Spaces to meet and collaborate, network and engage.
    • Rentable spaces. Venues. It all helps generate revenue.
    • Spaces to showcase innovation. Let the world know.
    • Support staff resource. Loan IT support, admin or apprentice help.
    • Social spaces. The obligatory coffee shop.
  • The River Tyne was once the lifeblood of businesses and it should be again. We wish to take advantage of this riverside location.
  • The river water must have an integral part to play here. What that part is will be up to you but it must serve a purpose. Make the most of the external environment. Building users should be encouraged to make the most of the outdoors whether it’s for work or play.
  • Landscape should play an efficient part in this development.
  • Public and delivery Access should be proposed at North side of site on Quayside road.
  • Total capacity to facilitate should be more than approx. 3000 people.
  • Link building needed with at least 15m clearance, or underground.
  • Buildings must be at least 10m away from public road or walkway edge.
  • Proposed development should provide underground or over ground parking for approx. 900 cars.
  • Design an event deck providing a high quality dedicated outdoor event venue showcasing Newcastle’s spectacular city upon the bank of River Tyne.
  • Design should be in compliance with BREEAM Excellent Standards, where possible.
  • A key component of the design will be built complying to ‘Zero Carbon’ built environment, in line with the goals of the UK Green Building Council (UK-GBC).

Design Requirements

Required Material

  • Model files: One or more coordinated IFC files for different AEC Discipline for each individual Building model.
  • A federated set of BIM models in IFC format __.ifc
  • No need to duplicate site context model provided.
  • Images: A sequence of up to 20 images _01.jpg to_20.jpg
  • First: Introduction
  • Six focused on explaining the design
  • Six focused on collaboration and experience
  • Six focused on technical assessments
  • Last: Participants
  • Optional Movie: Movie .mp3/avi
  • No longer than 2 minutes
  • A3 sized 2D representations and reports _01.pdf to _05.pdf
  • Not more than 5
  • Detail Document about Area, Volume, Material, Ceiling height, Floor material, Floor Height, Door-window Schedule, Quantities of material and various elements, Cost Schedule etc.


  • Use of BIM for Design, Drama and Excitement
    • Design impact and clarity
    • Compliance to the brief
    • The best presentation to explain the design
  • Multi-disciplinary BIM  & use of Interoperability
    • Involvement of multiple disciplines and applications
    • Use of technology to 'check' the design
    • Continuous updating of the ADODDLE collaboration server
  • Use of BIM for technical assessment
    • Sustainability and use
    • Constructability
    • Business case and cost


Best overall BIM effort as voted by the judges.


Best architectural design and presenation.


The team with the most tiers of the supply chain and best use of varied and open file types.


Best 4D model. Integration of ‘green design’. Best
set of construction drawings, or cost analysis.


Best learning experience for team members.


The most innovative approach to BIM.

David Philp

Head of BIM Implementation, Cabinet Office.

David is responsible for ensuring that the Cabinet Office’s BIM requirements are delivered through the programme. He also manages: the stakeholder and communications strategy (both internal and external), laser scanning WP, SME BIM awareness WP and chairs the BIM2050 Group.

Mark Bew

Chairman, HM Government BIM Working Group.

Mark has a track record of delivering successful process and technology driven business change programmes from within the Engineering and Construction industry. These include the development of Building Information Modelling processes and the integration of engineering and commercial systems. He chaired the development of the UK Government BIM Strategy.

Mohamad Kassem

Senior Lecturer in Engineering Project Management.

Dr. Mohamad Kassem is a Senior Lecturer in Engineering Project Management at Teeside University. His research interests are in Building Information Modelling (BIM), information technology and virtual reality applications in architectural, engineering and construction projects and processes; sustainability, decision support systems, project planning and risk management.

Nash Dawood

Professor of Construction Management and IT

Professor Dawood is currently Director of the Centre for Construction Research & Innovation (CCIR) and Professor of Construction Management and IT at the University of Teesside, UK. He is also Director of the Technology Futures Institute, through which the engineering and technology research is structured and supported.

Nathan Doughty

COO, Asite.

Nathan has been delivering cloud solutions for construction for 18 years. He spent 6 years on the board of BuildingSMART, and was closely involved in the development of the IFC standard. Nathan was part of the BSI working group which developed the British Standards for Collaborative BIM - BS1192 and PAS1192, and co-founded the Build Earth Live series of global Collaborative BIM events in 2008. He joined Asite as CTO in 2002 and led the initial development of the Asite platform before taking the COO role in 2006.

Russ Hynes

Principle BIM Consultant, Rapid5D

An experienced civil engineer with expertise in managing Building Information Modelling (BIM). He has 11 years of experience in delivering construction projects, using BIM, in both the public and private sectors, from conception to client handover. His expert technical knowledge in BIM covers construction and civil engineering, relating to design coordination, planning, costing and facilities management.


NE1forBIM is a team made up of SME’s, academia and research establishments with varying levels of BIM maturity working towards one aim. Representatives from thirteen organisations will have the opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other’s collective knowledge and experience. This international team seeks to challenge the status quo and push people, process and technology boundaries to their limits!

BIM Academy

BIM Academy

BIM Commando

The BIM Commandos are a collaboration between: Colour Urban Design Limited; Faulkner Browns Architects; JMP; JH Partners; s h e d; EYELEVEL; Hodgson Sayers; Bailey Streetscene and ACO water management. We are a truly collaborative multi-disciplinary team of designers, contractors and suppliers. We will be rolling out one of the first ever BIM level 2 projects by including all seven pillars of BIM level 2. Even those still in development! This is a fantastic challenge and a great opportunity to show that UK plc is ready to lead the world in BIM.

NI BIM regional hubs

Multi-disciplinary representatives from SME's and Educational institutions across Northern Ireland are gearing up to tackle Build Newcastle Live 2015 to test our BIM capabilities, interoperability skills and no doubt our wits! In what promises to be an equally intense, exciting and rewarding 48 hour period, we hope to collectively learn a lot more about BIM in practice as we continue to advance construction procurement and management within our own organisations and within the region generally.

Class of your own

Wellacre Academy is an all boys 11-16 academy with a co-educational 6th form in Flixton Manchester. Our team consists of students in years 10 to 13 (age 14 to 18) who are studying either; Level 3 BTEC in Construction and the Built Environment, Level 3 BTEC in Engineering or a Level 2 Design Engineer Construct Qualification Studying these courses has provided our students with the opportunity to use industry standard software such as BIM and CAD to develop design proposals, they have also gained a thorough understanding of the design process. This project will provide our student with the opportunity to experience the inter disciplinary and model sharing aspects of the software and design process. We hope that through this project and by working with industry experts and peers the students will see BIMs full potential and capacity as well as opening their eyes to several new aspects of the industry. We are looking forward to watching the students develop their team working, leadership and communication skills whilst tackling a challenging and rewarding project.

Waagner-Biro UK

We represent a construction company specialised in bespoke building envelopes, typically of high complexity. We create unique structures, which combine unusual architecture with the lightness of steel and glass construction. We work with leading architects and clients offering our innovative competence and know-how, as result of constant technical improvement. Our main reason for participation is to enhance our Digital Design & Engineering capabilities and explore the potential of this approach in increasing the efficiency of the project delivery process as part of an on-going company BIM development strategy.


BIM4SME IS A NON-PROFIT MAKING ORGANISATION MADE UP OF INDIVIDUALS FROM DIFFERENT SECTORS WITHIN THE CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY. WE ARE PART OF THE NATIONAL BIM TASK GROUP AND ARE HERE TO ENABLE SMALL AND MEDIUM BUSINESS IN THIS BIM JOURNEY. Our objective is to raise awareness of the processes that will articulate value proposition and business benefits to the small and medium companies to service the construction sector. BIM4 communities are a collaboration of specialist interests groups who champion BIM in their respective specialist areas. The BIM4 communities seek to develop consistency of messaging in a clear and concise manner to support both new and existing professionals in their respective BIM journeys.