A Series of 48hr Design Collaborations

Open to worldwide participation through cloud-based collaboration.

Select a city to explore the event or archive.

Make Your Mark.

Teams from around the world are invited to register in advance. The timetable is designed to allow you to contribute during or after work.

At each event, a major site is announced, with a brief for a significant multi-use development. All information is published in interoperable formats.

Teams are free to exploit any interoperable technology and to update a public collaboration site. All visitors are free to comment.

Win Coveted Awards.

Events conclude with presentations to the press and awards announced by an expert panel.

Cloud-based collaboration and interoperable formats are revolutionising the way buildings are designed. Build Earth Live shows the power of these new paradigms for architecture, engineering, planning and construction.

Award winners are recognised as leaders in their field and masters of collaborative technologies.